Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8

August 8, 2012

Yesterday was sunny and warm (for here) and I took a road trip around the Vatnsnes peninsula. My goal was to see the Hvitserkur (white shirt) rock. It is a strange thing for sure and I find it hard to believe it isn’t manmade. Except it is so deeply weird I don’t think anyone would think it up. Invisible from the road, you follow a sign to a parking lot then a path through high grass (you are in a local farmer’s field) to a well made wooden overlook. And there it is. You can also scramble down to the water and see it from the shore.  It should have toppled by now but it has been shored up with a bit of concrete at the bottom. Which brings me to an observation that Icelanders take enormous care of their natural wonders. They use a blue and white symbol, just like the apple computer command key, on roads that lead to important sights and these signs are everywhere. Which makes it hard to anticipate time when driving. I was told that you can get to Hvitserkur in about an hour from Skagastrond and it took me three.

 Today it is very windy with a bit of rain and rough seas. So I spent the day in the studio.

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  1. amazing. i wonder how they knew where to put the concrete