Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19th

Yesterday a local naturalist organized a hike to the top of the mountain. There were about 20 of us in total, 4 artists from Nes and the rest town folks. The day began with nice sunny weather and I noticed Icelanders forgo switchbacks for the straight up the mountain approach. 

About half way up a boy found this old key at the base of a large stone. 

The guide told us to touch the stone to feel the magic it held from the key (this a rough translation from the Icelandic I’m not too sure what he said). Then the boy was told to put the key back where he found it and we continued. I really don’t think this was arranged, it happened as if stuff like this goes on all the time here in the mountains. 

 As we neared the top a very cold fog rolled over us. 

I was happy at this point to be wearing long underwear and multiple layers of wool under my fleece hoodie and wind and waterproof fleece lined jacket, and hat. 

There is a large stone cairn at the summit with a book everyone signs and dates. 

I had a stone with me that I picked up on a dirt road in Samos, Greece, which I wedged between the rocks of the cairn while no one was looking.

Heading back down through the fog.

When we returned to the starting point, a golf course, we were given coffee and Icelandic cheese pancakes. We also got a multi-purpose sheep bone that provides good luck and answers yes or no questions when tossed. 

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