Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15

Yesterday housemate Jeri and I took a field trip around the Vatnsdalsholar valley. She is a photo based artist and I was looking for the legendary “floating islands” so our progress was extremely slow.  

 The valley floor is filled with a river that snakes and occasionally forms lakes. There are some small islands that are said to move – float – in the lakes. I don’t understand how this can happen but the very idea makes me extremely happy. 

 The valley is framed by a mountainous landslide to the NE that turns into a high ridge with cracks that form very narrow valleys, some too thin to stand in. The cracks on the SE side are larger and dramatic valleys are formed. Water literally weeps from the sides of the hills.

Surprising how people farm and live in this valley.

We were very excited to see some trees.

I discovered a natural moss and lichen “garden” on one of the rocks at the base of the landslide. It seemed like the perfect place to relocate the small stone that came from a backyard garden in Kansas. From Kansas to Los Angeles to North West Iceland. 


  1. reminds me of a beckett passage

  2. Cross Sections arrived in Reykjavik today and I was glad to read about your time in Iceland--it sounds like a wonderful residency program. I am a Crossroad alum ('90) and living in Iceland while my husband works at the US Embassy. Had a chance to visit with Morgan and Kristina when they were up here this summer. If you come back, please feel free to say hello. And too, my blog is full of info about Iceland, I hope you will take a look. Cheers!
    Erica Green