Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11

Thursday and Friday the weather was rainy and chilly so I went nowhere and worked in the studio.  I actually love a nice pairing of studio days and inclement weather.

Today, even though it was quite rainy, Henry, one of the artists, organized a group nature walk. He specializes in forging for food with a specialty in seaweed. He showed us several types of edible seaweed (pointing out that there are a few poisonous types but they will not kill you) and we picked wild crowberries (a bit bitter) and wild blueberries, which are delicious. Then we went back to the house and he cooked us seaweed patties (seaweed, oats, egg, garlic, onion, cooked in lots of Icelandic butter) that were extremely good.
Henry teaching
The green part is good to eat
Artists nature walk down to the shore
Seaweed cakes

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