Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13

Yesterday again the weather was rainy and I stayed close to the studio. However a visit to the small historic house in town proved how ingenious the Icelandic people are. The solution to mending a broken plate is brilliant especially considering the absence of effective glue. Apparently they put the stitched pottery in boiling milk to soften the string and help it adhere to the form of the plate.

A long walk on the shore by the studio yielded plenty of good looking stones. My favorite are the translucent ones, called “ghost stones” by the locals.  

While there are lots of fenced areas for livestock, land is open here and you are able to go on any property. To make things easy, farmers construct these accommodating ladders for fence crossing.

The arctic terns were very angry at my presence and they tried to scare me with high pitched screeching and dive bombing tactics. Ornithologists wear special hats with spikes on the top to protect them from these terns, so I put my hoodie up. Along the shore was a colony of washed up jelly fish. Like aging grandes dames, they were still very elegant.

Some new work in progress-

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